Tuesday, August 24, 2010
  Tomorrow is the day. I'm having my open heart surgery (Wednesday). My surgeon said that it's going to be a very long and difficult surgery. But he gave me an 88% success rate. Sure I'm a little nervous but I know that I will make it. My family is giving me alot of support. My poor husband has been here everyday since I've been in here.
  Anyway yesterday my lapband doctor came in and took all of the fluid out of my band. He said just incase they needed to put tubes down my throat during surgery. Better to be safe then sorry.  I'll probably gain a few pounds back but I know it won't be 117lbs.  You know my lapband doctor is pretty awesome. He's not even affiliated with this hospital and he came out here (45 minutes away) to take the fluid out of my band.  He said he would hook me up again once I'm done with surgery.
  It's very weird to have a total unfill. I've had awesome restriction for many months now and now there is nothing. I guess I'm a little more hungrier than normal but I am trying my best to stick to the guidlines.
  See you soon and keep you posted.
Saturday, August 21, 2010
Well I have nothing much to report. I'm still sitting in the hosptial. THANK GOD for free WiFi. It gets so boring sitting in this room though. One can only watch so much TV, read so many books and magazines or play on the computer for so long.
  I'm doing well. Monday I will find out when I will have open heart surgery next week. Meanwhile I remain stable.  They are monitoring me closely. I've been through many tests in the last few days. These are fasting tests so I think I have eaten about 3 meals in the last 3 days. But hey I probably lost my 8lbs that I had left to lose. At least they do have food here that I can eat. And suprisingly it's not that bad. I know everyone says Hospital food is disgusting but actually it's not bad here.  I will say that the fasting part isn't as hard as it was when I wasn't banded. I think if I had to wait as long as I did to eat these past few days I would have been trying to chew someones arm off.  haha
  Anyway I really don't have much to update but will when I know something. Thanks for all of the well wishes from everyone.
Thursday, August 19, 2010
  So they say things happen for a reason. Sometimes I don't know why that is.  My life had gotten so much better after the lapband. I've lost 111lbs and I was feeling really good. Until 5 days ago.
   Here I sit in my hospital room with something totally unrelated to the lapband.
    For those not familiar with my case. In 2001 I had open heart surgery for an aortic Aneurysm and valve replacement. At the time I chose to have a pigs valve put in. Bad side is they only last for 10-12 years. I chose this because I didn't want to live on blood thinner for the rest of my life. Needless to say 5 days ago, the valve gave up and decided to colapse. My valve is currently bleeding pretty significantly so they are watching me until my surgeon returns on Monday. If I have any other signs of struggles they may have to do the surgery before then and I will need to choose another surgeon. I'd rather wait though because it's a very long and complicated operation and my surgeon is familiar with my case. So here I sit, being proded and poke with all types of tests to find out exactly why my valve colapsed so suddenly.

    So I ask for prayers from everyone. I know I will get through this.  What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?
Monday, August 16, 2010
  So today I went shopping with my Aunt (Godmother) and my oldest son. I've been doing alot of shopping at the Goodwill store near me. I find it's alot cheaper then buying brand new clothes all of the time. Anyway they have some really good, brand name clothes in the store. I found myself a pair of jeans that sell at Macy's. But the great part of it all is they were a SIZE 12!!! I was so happy that they fit me. I can't remember the last time I was able to wear a size 12. And then we went to TJMaxx and I bought this really nice looking, short sleeve green sweater that is gathered at the sides. So when I put it on it makes me look really skinny. I will have to take a picture and post it. This is so fun buying skinny clothes. Oh yeah and I'm down another 2lbs. So that leave 8lbs to go until goal!!!! I should definately reach that before my Bandiversary on Oct. 23. Wow can't beleive it's been almost a year already.
   I was going through my closet tonight cleaning out some clothes that have gotten to big for me (Size 16) and I pulled out my size 26 jeans that I started with.  3 weeks ago both my youngest son and I could fit in the pants together. Hahah. I will also have to take a picture of that and post it.  That's my souvenir of my heavier days. I kept one pair of 'FAT' pants to remind me of what I used to look like so I will NEVER go back there again.
  Now I know my mom will be reading this so it's not to make her feel bad but, instead of her giving me her clothes now, I am giving her a bag of my clothes that I just cleared out of my closet. For the first time in MANY years I am smaller than my mom. But only by a size. She will catch up with me in no time. YOU GO MOM!!!
Thursday, August 12, 2010
   I hear many new banders talking about how they are afraid of getting stuck and what does throwing up feel like when you are banded.
   First off, getting stuck is not as bad as it may sound. Yes it is a bit painful but usually it doesn't last that long. And if it does, well then you should be calling your doctor. I know this might sound a little harsh but it's my belief that everyone should experience the 'stuck' feeling once in their banded life so they know how to deal with it. After that it won't freak you out so much and it's a learning experience. It will teach you to chew better.
  As for throwing up. It's not like your regular full stomach hurling.  It's called 'Sliming'.  It's just saliva and the stuck food coming back up from your pouch. It's not the contents of your stomach like it was without the band. The contents of your stomach can not come back up through your pouch.
    What is PBing?
The PB (or productive burp) is caused by several things. 1. Not chewing properly 2. untolerated foods (ie fresh doughy bread) or 3. too big of a chunk or bite. When the food slides down the esophagas it goes into the pouch where it "sticks" in the stoma of the band not allowing anything to pass. The esophagus and stomach then naturally produce a secretion ("slime") to help it pass through. The slime then accumulates and either pushes the lodged object out or you will "throw up" the slime. One way or another, it is going to be free. The pain and pressure you feel is the top pouch portion of the stomach trying to naturally contract and release (as if it didn't have a band) to free the lodged item. This is why sometimes people get hiccups because they are working (forcing air back and forth) to get the piece free. The dizziness that some people feel is from the panic we put ourselves in and do not regulate our breathing very well and really has nothing to do with the band itself.

The "PB" is bad to our band because of the stress the body places on the band when trying to "free" items. The esophagus is also working hard and can become swelled and irritated. Therefore, if you have a complaint of constant PB then are you giving your lower throat time to heal with the 24-48 hours of LIQUID only? Or are you trying to eat again in a few hours just because you feel you can. (i.e. "testing the band")
  Anyway if you do experience these issues my suggestion is to try hard and relax because when you tense your body up (which is normal when you have pain) your chest tends to tighten and will not allow the food to flow. Try closing your eyes, counting to 10 and see if the food passes. If that doesn't work, then try walking around a bit.
   In point, remember to chew chew chew. And don't let things around you distract you. When I eat I find that I can not have anyone talking to me, nor can I watch TV. Everyone knows that eating time, is my time and I must be left alone.  Most instances of PBing and sliming are because of not chewing your food well enough. You also want to make sure that your food is moist enough and not to dry.
Sunday, August 8, 2010
 Last week I had my 6th fill. The doctor put back in the small amount that he took out the last time. So far I'm doing great. I have lost another 5lbs since the fill. I have 10lbs to go until my doctors goal of 185lbs. This will get me out of the OBESE category that I have been in for so many years. YAY! My doc told me that we are working towards about 170lbs for my total weight.
  So my Bandiversary is around the corner. On October 23, 2010 I will have been banded for an entire year. I never thought that I could lose all my weight in a year.  I'm down 109lbs since the start. It's amazing how much better I feel.  I feel like a teenager again instead of an 80 year old women like I did when I was heavy.
  Now to work on those 10lbs. Doc said I have to rely on exercise now to get those last few pounds off. So I have increased my exercise a bit.
Thursday, July 22, 2010
  Today I woke up and stepped on the scale.  For the first time in 23 years, I weighed under 200lbs. Wooo hooo!! I have finally made ONDERLAND!! You have no idea of the rush that you get when you finally hit that point. All of your hard work finally hits you in the face.  Honestly I thought I would never be under 200lbs again.
    I stood there on the scale, just staring at the numbers, which by the way was 198.4.  For anyone that is on there way to ONEDERLAND, let me tell you, it's a huge celebration when you get there.

Onederland at last. 106lbs lost. 9 months since surgery!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010
  Well as I keep telling everyone, take your measurements because they change faster than your weightloss.  Today I took my measurements and I was very suprised to see that my waist size went from 54 inches to 39.5.  Like I said before I have dropped a complete person but gained an entirely different person on the inside.
    So if you haven't found the place you I would suggest going to FitDay.  There you can track your measurements, food intake and everything. It's a really great site.
Saturday, July 17, 2010
  Well the weightloss has definately slowed down but that's ok. It took me 21 days to get 2 more pounds off. For a total of 102 now.  I am 3 pounds away from Onederland. I can not wait. Of course now I will work twice as hard to get there. But I will do it. I think when I get on that scale and it says 199 I will pass out. I haven't been under 200 lbs since 1987.  So today I swam in the lake for 2 1/2 hours. Before that I walked 3.3 miles 10,500 steps on the Wii Walk it out with my son.  Later I will walk another 5 miles on the boardwalk.  It's great to have all of this energy all of a sudden.  It's true what they say about exercise. Once you increase your exercise you suddenly have more energy.  

  I have 3 months until my bandiversary. My goal is to be at or almost at the doctors goal weight by then.  Which by the way is 185lbs. My secret goal weight is about 170lbs.  Anything lower then that and I will start looking sickly. Although tempting as it is to be 130lbs again, because of my large frame I would look like I had an eating disorder. So I will stop around 170lbs.
   Oh yes, surprisingly enough I don't have alot of lose skin like many people do after losing so much weight.  So I am working on the toning with the weights. I won't be doing plastic surgery.  Heck I won't be wearing a bikini in this life anyway. lol  2 kids later and I have a road map on the stomach. LOL Forget about the skin.

Friday, July 16, 2010
  Well I haven't lost anything for about 4 weeks now. But the good thing is I haven't gained either. I'm told this is normal and I will start losing again, eventually. I also have to remember that what the scale says doesn't necessarily mean what I weigh. How you ask? Because my measurements are alot less than that. You can lose inches before you lose pounds. And I know that my clothes are starting to get lose again. Which is a great thing because then I can move down to a size 12. I also know that from my progress that I have lost 84% of my body weight. The doctor said that they would like you to lose at least 50% of your body weight in the first year. Well I have passed that by awhile ago. So I am ahead of schedule.  I have 19lbs to go until the doctors goal.
  Here's my point. I am not here to brag about my weight. I am here to hopefully inspire others that are having a hard time or who are thinking about getting the lapband.  Having been a slave to food for most of my adult life. I KNOW what it's like. And I also know that you can't do it alone. No matter how hard you try, you need the support of others to keep you going. I also know that everyone hits bumps in the road. After all we aren't perfect (yes that's correct you aren't perfect). The object is to pick yourself back up and try again. I hate to use the phrase if you fall off your bike get back up and brush yourself off, and then get back on the bike. That phrase is used way to much. Instead I will say, everyone falls off the path into the thorn bushes. Your friends are the ones that will pick those thorns out of your ass and lead you back to the path. Those that don't care, will leave the thorns and drive them further and further into your skin until you give up. Don't let the thorns ruin your life.
Tuesday, July 13, 2010
   So for those of us that lead a very hectic life that doesn't seem to give us 5 minutes to ourselves to do much of anything, let alone find time to exercise I have the perfect solution.  Invest in a WII.
   Today I got this pretty fun game. It's called Walk it Out!  I for one enjoy it because where I live, it's just been way to hot to go outside and walk.  And face it, my time at the gym is pretty much nothing.  So this game has some pretty great music to it.  The basic idea is to walk to the beat of the music while you work towards opening new levels.  Some might say it's the 'Lazy persons' way of working out. But hey, it sure does give you a workout.  And I say as long as you are getting some form of exercise, why not have fun while your doing it.  Needless to say I walked my 10,000 steps today. Did you?
   I also use Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus and Wii Active.  All of these you can do in the comfort of your own home.  I kind of have this thing about working out infront of people. I don't feel comfortable.  So I'd much rather do my exercising at home where I don't feel like everyone is gawking at me and possibly thinking, "Oh look at that fat lady."
Monday, July 12, 2010
  Well I went to the cardiologist today. I had my echo and ekg.  Great news is that everything is working 100%. The doctor said that I don't have to come back for another year.  I told him that I was hoping that my WLS had prolonged my next surgery. He replied, "I think it has." And told me to keep up the great work. Over all I feel wonderful. I am having no symptoms at all.  He said if I am feeling any chest discomfort or shortness of breath in the meantime to give him a call.  Otherwise I have been given a good bill of health.  YAY!!
   So anyway I go for my next fill on August 3rd. I think I might need a tiny bit of fluid put in.  I'm feeling just a little on the hungry side inbetween meals. And I have been in this plateau for 2 weeks now.  Hey lets look at it this way. At least I am not gaining weight. And I've already hit the 100lb mark. A miracle has already been performed. :)
Wednesday, June 23, 2010
   Well I finally hit that 100lb mark. I'm still not in Onederland yet but I only have 5 pounds to go before I am under 200. I can't wait. I haven't been under 200 since 1987. I have 18lbs to go until the doctors goal but my secret goal is 28lbs. I have to admit the attention I get is pretty awesome. It feels good to be praised for something in your life. I am very proud of myself. And I haven't felt good like this for a very long time. I will update my pictures soon.
   It's great not losing your breath all of the time. Or your chest tightening up on you when you walk. Not to mention your knees free of pain and actually being able to walk up stairs.  Not to mention being able to make it to the bathroom without having an accident because your so fat that it pushes down onto your bladder (LOL sorry to be so animated).
  People ask me all the time how I lost the weight in such short time. I tell them DETERMINATION. The lapband is all about what you put into it.  If you work hard, your weight will come off.  My determination is the will to survive. I don't want to be one of the obesity statistics.  Also you can not judge yourself by others.  Everyone loses at different paces.  Just because you haven't lost as much as me, doesn't mean you won't get there.
   Tomorrow I visit my cardiologist for my 6 month check up. I will be getting an echo, ekg and visiting the cardiologist after. I'm hoping he will give me some good news. I'm not having any symptoms. Hopefully I have prolonged my next open heart surgery for awhile.

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This is my heaviest weight

This is my heaviest weight
This was probably even heavier than 304lbs.

My first Fill

My first Fill
This is 6 weeks after surgery. 29lbs lighter

2 Months after surgery

2 Months after surgery
39lbs lighter since surgery

4 Months after Surgery

4 Months after Surgery
57lbs lighter since surgery. 67lbs all together since highest weight.

5 Months after surgery

5 Months after surgery
Size Sweet 16 (72lbs lighter)

7 Months after surgery

7 Months after surgery
93lbs lost Size 14 for summer

ONEDERLAND!! 9 Months after surgery.

ONEDERLAND!! 9 Months after surgery.
104lbs lost. 13lbs until goal.